The Fashion Girl Guide to Halloween

I get it, Halloween is here and you a) have no idea what to dress up as or b) just don't really feel the whole costume thing. You'r...

I get it, Halloween is here and you a) have no idea what to dress up as or b) just don't really feel the whole costume thing. You're ready to put on those cat ears you've had since 2008 and call it a year simply because the idea of going to Ricky's and waiting 30 minutes in line (outside!) to get whatever awful costume they have left sounds just terrible. But you don't have to, because I've put together some great "inspired outfits" to wear this Halloween. And yes, they're costumes, but not really. And the best part is that you can put them together in no time (you probably already have everything that you need!).

Who wants to be Harley Quinn, anyway?

Hillary Clinton (texting edition):

Yes, there will be many Hillarys this year, but why not? She's definitely an icon and her style is always on point. Remember that regardless of which Hillary you pick (they're all great), it's very important that you get a blow-out. And if you're dead serious about this look in particular, print a blackberry cutout and tape it to the back of your phone.
What you need: all black everything (pantsuit (blazer and pants), sweater, sunglasses), turquoise jewelry (necklace, earrings, pin or brooch) and your phone.

Scream Queens' Chanel Oberlin (or any Chanel, really):

Before you think "oh but Chanel Oberlin is so 2015!" let me remind you that this season of Scream Queen is possibly the best thing on TV right now. Besides, Chanel never goes out of style.
The Chanels are probably one of the easiest looks to achieve because there's not many rules about their outfits: you just need to wear something feminine, only neutrals or pastels and (faux) fur. Fur is the most important piece if you want to achieve the Chanel look, whether it's a coat, a dressfluffy sandals or a bag. And remember to add cute earmuffs if you're going to be Chanel #3.
What you need: pencil skirt, white blouse, pink faux-fur coat, sheer socks, high-heel sandals, pink handbag, round sunglasses and pearls.

American Crime Story's Marcia Clark:

This is the least costume of them all because it's basically working clothes that you would wear any day. Go for the full Marcia look with a cigarette (no, you don't have to smoke it) and get your hair done.
What you need: skirt suit (blazer and skirt), white shirt, black pumps and bag and gold jewelry (earrings, watch and bangle).

Stranger Things' Barb, Eleven and Joyce:

Of course we all want to dress as the cast of this summer's TV phenomenon. And not only because it's really cool, but also because it's super easy to get their looks. Some key add-ons for each look are: a binder if you're Barb, an Eggo box if you're Eleven and fairy lights if you're Joyce.
What you need: Barb: plaid shirt, high-waisted jeans, round clear glasses and a white watch. Eleven: baby pink dress, blue jacket, white knee-high socks and white high-top sneakers. Joyce: burgundy striped tee, green utility jacket, brown jeans and white sneakers.

Ariana Grande in Side To Side (at the VMA):

This may seem more like an actual costume than an outfit you would actually wear IRL. But if you think about it, it's not really that crazy at all. Replace the long coat with a bomber jacket, the booties with sneakers and you my friend are ready for your next Soulcycle class.
What you need: white sports bra or crop-top, white sweatpants, pink raincoat or trench-coat, pink lace-up booties, pink choker and a plastic pink visor.

Beyoncé in Hold Up:

Yes I know we mortals can't be Beyoncé, but at least we can pretend to dress-up as her. They key to this outfit is: don't limit your jewelry and get your heir done. Also if you're really feeling this whole Bey vibe, you just might as well walk around with a baseball bat (just don't destroy anything, though).
What you need: yellow maxi dress, nude + black bra, black platform sandals, gold jewelry (hoops, necklace, bracelets and rings).

What are some others 'no costumes but outfits' ideas you have in mind? And what are you wearing this Halloween?

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  1. These are great ideas! I love how you even thought about the characters from Stranger Things. The texting Hilary Clinton one is a good one too. Who will you dress up as for Halloween?

    1. I'm happy you liked it! I sort of dressed up as Chanel from Scream Queens, but I didn't really "celebrate" Halloween this year (mainly because it was a Monday). Thanks for stopping by Kaitlyn!