Too Cool for School

School-shopping only means one thing: summer is over . But as sad as that may seem (not for me though, I'm more than ready for fall), f...

School-shopping only means one thing: summer is over. But as sad as that may seem (not for me though, I'm more than ready for fall), for me it has always been one of the most exciting parts of a new school year. Even after college, going to Paper Source or even Staples is something I truly enjoy and look forward to every now and then. And let's not even talk about Target's dollar spot...

Right now there are so many beautiful notebooks and pens and folders and just about everything you can think of. The selection is huge! So I decided to go ahead and put together 15 of my favorite desk accessories from my favorite brands. And I promise you, these will make you wish you were going back-to-school on Monday morning:

  1. Hotspot Highlighter Set
  2. kate spade Strike Gold Stripe File Folders
  3. 17-Month Classic Agenda (I Am Very Busy, Carnation)
  4. kate spade Strike Gold Pen Set
  5. Lilly Pulitzer Journal (Ocean Jewels)
  6. kate spade Inital Notebook
  7. RIFFLE PAPER Co. Weekly Desk Pad
  8. Get It Together Backpack (Lady of Leisure)
  9. band.o Sticker Book Bundle
  10. Lilly Pulitzer Pen Set
  11. kate spade Whistle While You Work Tackle Box
  12. kate spade Why Hello There ID Clip (Back Dot)
  13. RIFFLE PAPER Co. To Do Notepad
  14. Compliment Pencil Set
  15. Lilly Pulitzer Agenda Bonus Pack (Wild Confetti, Gold)

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  1. Yes! Love those. I got my new planner, and I'm slightly regretting getting one so large, but I love all organizers and accessories.

    1. I'm seriously obsessed with stationery. Which one did you get? I'm currently using a large Lilly Pulitzer and I thought about switching to a smaller size but I don't think it would be a great idea since I really do use all the space most of the weeks... Thanks for stopping by Kaitlyn ❤️!