Glossybox May 2016 Review

In May, my Glossybox was focused on the beauty of skin-care, from head to toes and everything in between; shampoo, conditioner, face mo...

In May, my Glossybox was focused on the beauty of skin-care, from head to toes and everything in between; shampoo, conditioner, face moisturizer, face tanning and shower gel. But there's always room for at least one makeup item, and this time it was my favorite of them all: mascara! I'm very happy that they included both shampoo and conditioner as one item and that the tanning lotion sample was double; it makes me feel like I got a lot of products (7, instead of 5) for a little money ($21). The value of this box was about $68 which is standard for Glossybox.

Nioxin - System 1 Cleanser and Scalp Therapy Conditioner | full size system kit $49: So, the deal with this Nioxin shampoo/conditioner combo is that it supposedly helps your hair grow thicker and repairs your scalp (removes oils that clog hair follicles and whatnot). And I say "supposedly" because I didn't use it enough times to notice any changes on my hair thickness; however, the only time I used it, I did notice that my hair looked especially shiny and felt really really soft after the shower (even after it was dry). Why I didn't use it again if it was that good? The scent. I'm not a huge fan of mint; other than gum or toothpaste it's not a smell I really fancy in any part of my body (especially in my hair!) that it's not my mouth. Also, I didn't enjoy at all the mint-cooling feeling on my scalp while I was in the shower (it felt like it was on fire) and it reminded me of one of those lip plumping lipgloss from Victoria's Secret that I used when I was in 8th grade, cool but not really 😞.

Rituals Cosmetics - Shower Foam (Tai Chi) | full size $15: This was surprisingly one of my favorite products in the May Glossybox; and it was a surprise because let's be honest, shower products are not really that adventurous, they're all sorta okay/good. But this one in particular is not only good, it's geniuly great and will now be my staple shower gel/foam. It comes out as a gel but changes into a foam with the contact of water; lathers up very easily, so a very small amount is enough for cleaning your whole body. It smells fantastic (flowery) and makes me feel clean, fresh and relaxed. I absolutely love it!

Talika - Photo-Hydra Day Hydrating Cream (full size) | $39: This moisturizer "utilizes an amino-acid that recreates the effects of natural light on the skin so you can sport a summer glow all year long" and honestly, I have no idea of how that works; however, I do love it. It's lightweight, non-greasy and absorbs quickly leaving your skin super soft and evidently hydrated but oil-free. And actually, now that I mention it, I does give you a little nice glow 😉.

Versapa - Face Moisturizing Gradual Tanner | full size $35: To be honest, at the beginning I was a little skeptical about the results of this product, but after trying it for a couple of weeks I can assure you, it does really work. The formula is lightweight and non-greasy so you can apply it daily under your makeup like a regular moisturizer, it does looks (white) and feels like one. After a few days (about 4-5) you begin to notice that your face does have a nice beach glow and looks a little tanner; it is really 'gradual', nothing too strong so you don't have to worry about looking orange or anything like that (and it doesn't wash away!). And in case you were wondering, it's gluten / parabens / cruelty free and non-comedogenic (it doesn't block your pores). 

Benefit Cosmetics - Roller Lash Curling Mascara | full size $24: This mascara is truly life-changing. And this is coming from someone with really straight lashes, who can't get any lash to curl without a curler; no mascara has ever been able to do what Roller Lash did to my eyelashes and for that this will be my holy-grail mascara now on. It goes on easily without clumping, giving you beautiful lengthy lashes with a pretty decent curl that holds all day long. I'm completely hooked!

No curling, no primer, just Roller Lash.

What is your favorite skin-care product right now?

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