Birchbox May 2016 Review

It feels like I've been writing this review since forever ago. My " to-review list " keeps growing and growing and so far I h...

It feels like I've been writing this review since forever ago. My "to-review list" keeps growing and growing and so far I have about 13 products that I still need to try and 6 more coming on my Play! by Sephora box (yes, I finally got off the waiting list!). 

The design for the May Birchbox was created in partnership with Keds and I think it's pretty cute and makes me think about the beach and the early Summer season.  

The composition of this box was pretty good and nicely balanced, mostly makeup products (including SPF), a fragrance and hair care. The value was about $44, which is on the expensive end for Birchbox (they usually hang around the $30) and pretty good for us subscribers since we only paid $10 for all these goodies.

COOLA - SPF 30 Makeup Setting Spray | full size $36: A staple for the Summer and really every other season; because we always want our makeup on point and our skin protected. This is probably my favorite product in my May Birchbox; I've been using it every day since I got it! The formula is lightweight and it goes matte on the skin (I actually think it takes the shine away from your face); the scent (whish is really not green tea and aloe) could use some improvement but it's not bad either, it just smells like plain SPF and that kinda makes me feel like I'm at the beach. Once I'm completely done with my makeup, I (close my eyes and) spray it a few times all over my face; it makes everything stay put much longer and you can easily re-apply through the day if you wish, especially if you're outside, you don't want to loose that SPF protection. 

CLEAN - Blossom Eau de Parfum | full size $40 / $72: I really appreciate that this didn't come in a dreadful perfume vial and that it actually has a spray tip, thank you (whoever's in charge). This scent is absolutely perfect for the Spring / Summer season; it's flowery but light and definitely clean and very fresh. It says on for hours and it's great to re-apply through the day since it's not overpowering; it makes me feel clean (you know, that 'I just took a shower' feeling) and very feminine. 

ModelCo - Lip Lacquer (Crème Brûlée) | full size $24: This was probably the biggest disappointment on my May Birchbox; not that I ever had any hopes of actually loving it (because I don't like lipgloss, at all), but sometimes it's not so bad and I keep it to use it on top of lipsticks. This specific color was terrible for me and it looked more like miss-applied foundation than something meant to be for my lips. The formula is very sticky (even though they claim is not) and a little bit hard to spread evenly; it's long-wear though, so if the color is good for you (or if you just apply a tiny bit), you might want to give it a chance.

I had to be very careful and apply just one little drop of lipstick in order to achieve a good shade for my skin tone. Honestly, I think I would be writing a more positive review if I had received any of the other shades.

Davines - LOVE Smoothing Sampoo | full size $10.50 / $25: I loved the scent of this shampoo, strong but not overpowering, made my hair feel very clean. I also really appreciate the size of this sample, felt more like a traveling size bottle than a sample; the shampoo comes in this pale shade of lilac which I also liked and thought it was kind of fun. However I didn't notice any changes regarding the texture or frizziness of my hair. On its defense, I only tried it one, so maybe I just need to give it another chance.

Davines - LOVE Smoothing Conditioner | full size $12 / $29: Why on earth would you send such a generous shampoo sample only to send the smallest conditioner sample ever? Doesn't make any sense. I didn't want to use it all in one application, so I used so little that I honestly can't say much about it. It smells really good, other than that it felt like any other conditioner.

Benefit Cosmetics - Hoola Matte Bronzer | full size $29: Sometimes you want a little bronzer but can't even deal with all the shimmer that usually comes included. This matte bronzer is absolutely perfect for that. It goes on smoothly, so is very easy to blend and add up; the shade is not too dark (or orange) and not too light, so it's great for every skin tone. My favorite part is that it gives you a flawless and natural-looking tone (like you just spent a few hours under the sun), ideal for those 'no-makeup makeup' kinda days. Without a doubt, this is my new favorite bronzer!

What is your favorite beauty product for the Summer?

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