Birchbox April 2016 Review

Those who follow me on Snapchat ( are you doing it already? It's @andyfig ) saw my April Birchbox unboxing a couple weeks ago, right b...

Those who follow me on Snapchat (are you doing it already? It's @andyfig) saw my April Birchbox unboxing a couple weeks ago, right before I went to Florida. This month I couldn't pick the curated box (because it sold out fairly quickly), but I actually think the regular box is just as good.

Obviously, it's all about Spring and this month's box design is one of the prettiest I've gotten. Look at those pretty flowers! Of course, it was designed by Rifle Paper Co. and everything they make it's beyond beautiful. If you're in the States, my favorite place to buy Rifle Paper products is Paper Source, the store is seriously heaven on earth.
Inside of the box, all the samples this month are amazing organic/ingredient-conscious products, because what's a better way to celebrate Spring than with natural beauty? Hair care, skin care and makeup makes the perfect combo for this new season. The value of the box is about $27 which makes it one of the cheapest I've ever gotten, but then again, the subscription is only $10 a month so we're still wining quite a lot.

The Beauty Crop - PBJ Smoothie Stick lip crayon || rms beauty - The Ultimate Makeup Remover Wipes || Whish - Shave Cream shaving cream (lavender) || amika - Silken Up dry conditioner || Briogeo - Don't Despair, Repair! deep conditioning mask

The Beauty Crop - PBJ Smoothie Stick Lip Crayon | full size $14.95: Don't let the words 'lip crayon' fool you, I was greatly surprised because this is more of a highly pigmented lipstick. The formula is light and moisturizing but it stays on for hours, it goes on smoothly and the color layers up easily for different shades (from light pink to dark strawberry). Also, major bonus, the smell it's simply delicious, fresh and fruity.

I personally love the color since it's perfect for the Spring/Summer season for both day and night!

rms beauty - The Ultimate Makeup Remover Wipes | 20 wipes $16: I honestly wasn't excited about this product (mainly because they're wipes, you know what I mean?), but my testing experience was so nice that I seriously can't complain. First things first, I love the individual packaging! I think it's great for traveling and also to put on your nightstand so you don't go to bed with your makeup on (guilty!). My mom always says the best makeup remover is oil and I guess she's right; these wipes are coconut oil based and not only they smell truly amazing (like, TRULY amazing), but they also remove at least 98% of makeup. I've been using Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes ever since I can remember and I'd say they only remove about 95%, especially my eye makeup and all those mascara layers. Another favorite about the rms beauty wipes is (and I know it's gonna sound weird) they're room-temperature! Something I've always hated about makeup wipes is having to put those cold things on my face, it's just very uncomfortable. I guess because they're oil based, these wipes are as warm as your face, so there's really no struggle (especially on those winter nights). As they're not cold, when opening the package the wipes feel dry, but as soon as you start removing your makeup you can feel (and see) the coconut oil working its magic. It may not be the best option for people with oily skin, but for my dry skin it left it richly moisturized and radiant. They're a little bit pricey for me so I don't think I'll get them as my regular makeup remover wipes, but I'll probably get them for traveling and special (heavy makeup) ocassions.

Whish - Shave Crave Shaving Cream (Lavender) | full size $16: YAY, another wonderful Whish product! Ever since I started shaving (a looooong time ago) I've never used a shaving cream before; I usually do it with soap and it worked because thankfully I'm quite hairless and my skin is not really sensitive. But trying this shaving cream completely changed my shaving experience for good. My skin felt really soft and hydrated during and after shaving, no irritation what-so-ever and a pretty close shave (what David calls a 'baby butt smooth'). The lavender scent is great and a small drop lathers up pretty easily.

amika - Silken Up Dry Conditioner | full size $24: I received amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo back in December and I seriously think it's the best dry shampoo ever (and now I use it regularly). So when I opened my Birchbox  this month to discover the dry conditioner, I was pretty excited (even though I've never heard of dry conditioners before 😁). Sadly, I'm not one of those blessed people who can wash their hair once a week and they're perfect; my hair is the kind of hair that gets dirty (mostly greasy) very easily, especially living in NYC. So I try to wash my hair as often as every three days (the least) and that means that I basically have to live out of a dry shampoo bottle. I tried this dry conditioner in combination with its sibling dry shampoo and the results were nothing short of amazing; my dirty hair came back to life looking clean and shiny and feeling completely refreshed and super soft. The formula is very light so it doesn't weigh down the hair, and the smell is pretty good as well. For sure a new staple on my hair care routine!

Briogeo - Don't Despair, Repair! Deep Conditioning Mask | full size $34: I'm a little bit skeptical when it comes to deep conditioning masks because I've tried quite a few and they all were sort of "yeah okay, whatever". However, this was my sample choice this month and (surprisingly) I'm not disappointed – at all. Before having an ombré, I used to have highlights, so you can imagine the ends of my hair are a little dry and not-so-healthy. After leaving in this baby for about 10 minutes in the shower, my hair felt and looked very soft and healthy; I've been having 'good hair days' lately and I'm sure it's all because of this mask.

BTW, if you love hair care products as much as I do (which is a lot!), check out the Hair Detox Kit I'm about to get (the Briogeo deep conditioning mask comes with it) for only $22!

What's your favorite natural beauty product?

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