Birchbox March 2016 Review

Every month Birchbox releases a feature curated box with a theme and gives you the option of choosing between it and the regular box. After...

Every month Birchbox releases a feature curated box with a theme and gives you the option of choosing between it and the regular box. After a sneak peak to both of the boxes, I decided to get the feature box this month; the theme is 'Ready For Anything' and the products are the perfect combination to pull together a flawless look in no time or just on-the-go (commute primping, anyone?). I kinda feel like I need to keep these products in my makeup bag, you know, just in case.

The design of this feature box didn't really impress me at all but I'm very happy with the contents of it because it has what I call "the ideal balance": haircare, skin care and make up, and I got to discover products that for now own will be staples in my beauty routine.
The value of the box hangs around $28, which based on my previous boxes is actually on the cheap side for Birchbox, but it's still good considering that the monthly subscription is only $10.

I kinda forgot to take a full layout picture of all the products, sorry about that.

PARLOR by Jeff Chastain - Smoothing Blowout Spray | full size $24: I don't blow dry my hair so I'm probably the worst judge for this product (sorry!), however I do flat iron the ends. This spray is designed to add volume and shine while protecting your hair against heat damage; after trying it, my hair looked and felt very soft and shiny. It's safe for color-treated hair and free of sulfates, parabens, and gluten; also very lightweight so you don't have to worry about it making your hair heavy and/or oily and the scent is delicious, clean and fresh.

MILK Studios - Lip Color (C.R.E.A.M.) | full size $22: So, I have mixed feelings about this product. I loved the shade because it's the exact shade I look for in a nude lipstick; I liked the formula even though I found it to be a little bit dry (perfect if you put some lip balm on top), however it goes on smoothly and I'm a huge fan of the fact that stays on for hours and hours because it's highly pigmented. But, this has to be the tiniest sample in the entire world! And I'm sorry if I'm making a big deal out of this, but as a client, I somehow find it a little bit rude. STINGY, that's the only word I can think about (even though I'm only paying $10). Please Milk (or Birchbox, or whoever's in charge), just don't.

Smashbox - Photo Op Eye Shadow Trio (Filter) | full size $28: On a happier note, this is another of my absolute favorite samples this month! The packaging is great (it doesn't even feel like it's a sample size) and it's the first time I receive eye shadows that I will actually use (I always get purples or blues here and there) because it's great for day or night. The formula blends fairly easy and is highly pigmented so it stays put all day long without creasing or smudging. I will definitely be purchasing more of these in the future.

Kiehl's - Ultra Facial Cream | full size $27.50 / $47.50: Kiehl's is amazing and we all know it. This face cream is perfect to use it as a night cream; you'll wake up with a fully moisturized, bright and soft face. However, it's sheer enough to use under your makeup during the day if you prefer that. The formula is very lightweight, absorbs pretty quickly and has no scent at all (which is great for a face cream); it doesn't clog your pores and makes your face feel very clean and healthy. Also, this sample size has lasted me for kind of a long time (for a sample) and I'm still halfway through it, so I'm guessing if I purchase the full size it will last for months, totally worth it for the price.

Wilma Schumann - Hydrating Collagen Eye Pads | 5 pairs $18: This was the first product I tested and my favorite this month (and one of my favorites ever)! Due to allergies, inheritance and lack of sleep, I've always struggled with under eye dark circles and puffiness. After trying these for about 15 minutes the results were nothing short of amazing; not only the puffiness was gone like I've gotten a full night of sleep, but also the dark circles were dramatically improved. The texture is jelly-like so they stick perfectly to your skin and they feel cool and refreshing under your eyes; but be careful when opening the package because there's a fair amount of liquid inside (I spilt it all over my shirt, oops ☺️).

What is one product that helps you get Ready For Anything in no time?

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