New Year's Resolutions

Oh, a new year is here and with it, comes one of my favorite hobbies: to make resolutions that I won't be able to accomplish and I'm...

Oh, a new year is here and with it, comes one of my favorite hobbies: to make resolutions that I won't be able to accomplish and I'm probably going to forget halfway through the year (or maybe sooner). But don't misunderstand me, because even though they are the most unoriginal and unfulfilled promises in history, that's part of their beauty. And yes, I have to make them again in 2016, just to keep the tradition.

Eat less: I love to eat; it's seriously one activity that I look forward to when I wake up every morning. But since I'm not precisely a child anymore, it's very important that those meals are (or at least try to be) light, healthy and balanced. So, no more chocolate chip pancakes with Nutella at 1 am. Or maybe, just once a week.

Exercise more: Exercising is good for our health and it makes us release endorphins which make us happy (but so does eating chocolate, so…). However, I don't think I'm getting lots of those since I don't really look forward to exercise, ever. Even though I know I need to. That's why this year I'm getting a one-year gym membership; maybe the fact that they'll be charging me every month will be motivation enough.

Stick to the budget: The eternal problem. There's many ways to be happy and none of them are to be scared of checking my bank statement. No, I don't want you to send me emails with your latest deals, thank you. So, before buying something because it's cute or trendy: do I really need it?

Don't procrastinate: To procrastinate is human and I'm not trying to be less human this year. I'll just try to be more organized with my time, plan ahead and whatnot. No matter what, there will always be a chance for a nap, or Netflix.

Finish the book: There's a book on my nightstand that has been looking at me for the past 6 months. And even though I don't believe in not finishing books, the fact that I haven't finished already probably means that perhaps I'm not really into it. I'll try to read it again, but maybe it wasn't the book for me. If by the end of January I haven't read it, I'll just quit without feeling guilty. A new book is definitely not the end of the word; to be stuck with one, kinda is.

Take a ________  class: There's an infinite list of classes that I'm convinced will "change my life" if I take them. But I can never seem to find the time or "to be prepared" to do so. This is 2016; why am I not learning/practicing things on my own? Google is the limit!

Party/drink less: We should never stop celebrating, especially if we want to do it. However, there's no need to go out Thursday through Sunday; my liver and my bank account appreciate it when I make this rational decision.

Wake-up early: The struggle. I look forward to sleep in on weekends and I also want to do many things I can't do during the week. So, in order to do those things, I just need to understand that I'm not a preschooler anymore and I definitely don't need 12 hours of sleep. Probably 10 will be just fine.

What are some of your New Year's Resolutions?

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  1. I have about the same resolutions as you do!!! ;) Definitely the one about eating less, and staying on budget. :P

    1. Staying on budget is so important and so hard! What I'm doing right now is that at the beginning of the month I write down all my bills and the things I want to buy (because I need them or I really really really want them). It helps me focus on those things because I don't allow myself to buy random things. Hope you can accomplish all your resolutions this year!

  2. Great goals! I've been wanting to take a photography class, so that's on my list this year!


    1. That was on my list for the past two years now and I'm finally taking it (started this week). I love it! I hope you do so as well :)