Instagram Accounts That Truly Are #FeedGoals:

I copied this post idea from Carly . I absolutely love Instagram, it is undoubtely my favorite social media platform; it inspires me so muc...

I copied this post idea from Carly. I absolutely love Instagram, it is undoubtely my favorite social media platform; it inspires me so much and I can spend hours and hours just scrolling down beautiful pictures. I follow a little over 200 accounts, so I have a lot to take a look at every day; from bloggers to puppies, to my favorite brands, my friends and some celebrities, these are my favorite Instagram accounts at the moment:

I don't know how Amy Stone does it, but she definitely does. Her Instagram is full of the most beautiful pictures of the most beautiful places, the most beautiful clothes, the most beautiful indoor & outdoor decor and just about the most beautiful things. Seriously, there's no one single picture on her feed that I don't completely love; everything is so well put together and in perfect harmony, it looks like a catalog. &, she also gets bonus points for loving doors as much as I do.

Rebecca and I have been following each other on Tumblr for quite a few years now. She has always had a special talent for photography and her Instagram is proof of that. Her feed is full of the gorgeous places she visits, the delicious food she eats, the things she loves the most (like clothes and her boyfriend) and sometimes her pretty face as well. Oh and she likes doors too.

Martina's feed is truly #goals. Looking at her Instagram it's hard to believe that this girlie doesn't have a PR agency or an entire social media team working for her, because it's just perfection. With a glamorous, minimalistic and clean style, she delivers the perfect kind of inspiration through outfits, cities, yummy treats and her amazingly gorgeous face and personality.

Lara visits beautiful places and she makes us all want to go too. Her Instagram account looks like the most beautiful postcards of the most beautiful places you'll ever see. Whether it's the city or the beach (sometimes some very good looking dish), she really knows how to truly capture the beauty of whatever she has in front of her eyes. & it's not only that she also knows how to appreciate a nice looking door, but that she was with me when my door obsession started.

What are some of your absolute favorite Instagram accounts?

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